Cheaper countries popular with Britons

Many Britons want to enjoy a cheaper cost of living in foreign destinations such as Spain, a new poll has found.

Currency specialist HiFX said that expenses such as mortgage repayments in the UK were leaving many financially stretched.

As a result, many were said to be considering relocating to other countries in which they would pay less on housing and general expenditure.

A poll by the firm showed that Spain was a particularly popular destination, along with Cyprus, France and Italy.

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Commenting on the findings, HiFX director Mark Bodega said: “It would now seem that more and more people are no longer considering emigration as a luxury but a necessity.”

However, he added that people had to “do their homework” when considering a move abroad in order to avoid future financial difficulties.

According to Bank of Scotland International, some Britons expats are unaware that they can still claim some benefits from the UK government, even if they are living abroad.

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