Buying a condo in Port Credit

Mississauga has one of the best neighborhoods. It might be as modern as other neighborhoods but it has successfully maintained its laid back and peaceful atmosphere. One of the reasons why most residents flock here is when they want to start a new journey. According to, Port Credit is one of the best neighborhoods around the area, which faces the north shore of Lake Ontario. This district used to be an incorporated town. Back in 1720, the Mississauga Ojibwe Nations band inaugurated a trading post where the residents can trade goods and other products from the European countries. The main product that Port Credit used to trade was the furs.

Port Credit Condos for sale

However, after the war broke in 1812, the Mississaugas left their settlement to relocate. Since then, industrialization replaced the trading industry which opened businesses like the booming oil refinery. The district tried to thrive and make the neighborhood prosper again until the 20th century. In 1909, the municipality got their independence then later joined the City of Mississauga back in 1974.

At the present, the neighborhood’s rich history has been transformed into condo complex, recreational activities and business hubs. Port Credit is one of the neighborhoods that you definitely need to check out as it sits right in front of the pristine Credit River that will surely provide breeze.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it? If you’re interested to move here, you can check these Port Credit condos to jumpstart your condo hunting:

Port Credit Condos for sale

3065 Queen Frederica Dr #607

For only $399,000 selling price, you won’t believe that this condo features a spacious 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom living space. The interior design has a fresh look of baby blue accents and a white-gray tone. Definitely a mixture of modern and playful vibe throughout the living spaces. For the price, it’s definitely a steal for starting families out there.

1155 Bough Beeches Blvd #808

For an extra space and a dedicated parking spot, this condominium offers a 2+den bedroom and 2 bathrooms for only $489,000. The condo’s interior has a white tone, making the space brighter and spacious. Giving the owner a freedom to customize and redecorate the space the way they like it. Plus a quiet location for those who hate the hustle and bustle.

1300 Bloor St #207

For a luxurious offering in the neighborhood, this condominium has all the space you need and a quintessential charm on the interiors. For the price of $1,098,000, you will get a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom unit, customized for bigger families. It also offers 1 dedicated parking space for a family car.

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