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5 Real Estate Trends That Makes Investing In Hanoi a Good Move

Real estate in Vietnam has been soaring in the past half-decade. Characterized by the low cost of properties and the ease of acquiring one, it’s not surprising that locals and foreigners alike are starting to invest. And good news, the forecast for Hanoi real estate investments still seems to be bullish in the following years. Here are five real-estate trends that make investing in Hanoi a thing to consider. Continue reading “5 Real Estate Trends That Makes Investing In Hanoi a Good Move” »

The Palm Wong Amat

The Palm is located on the shores of Wong Amat and is the newest creation of revered developer Nova Group. It’s refreshed look features full length floor-to-ceiling glass, direct access to its own semi-private beach, and some very attractive amenities. The project has sold out at a record pace for Wong Amat beachfront developments, turning over nearly 30% of the available units during its presale period, the remaining units can be exclusively purchased at BaanThai.co.th. The beach in front of the development is clean and unoccupied, directly accessible only by owners of The Palm and the two boutique resorts flanking the development. Continue reading “The Palm Wong Amat” »